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The Schick Dental S3 Premium offers a seamless blend of accuracy, precision, and intuitive features to provide a top-notch milling machine with no compromises. With its advanced high-performance milling spindle that allows for speeds up to 80,000 rpm, dental technicians can now explore a broader spectrum of options for creating restorations.

The Schick S3 Premium is a cutting-edge milling unit, providing unmatched features and a comprehensive solution for the most challenging milling tasks.

High-Performance Milling Spindle
With the ability to perform wax milling at 500 rpm, metal milling at 50,000 rpm, and zirconia processing with water cooling at 80,000 rpm, the machine can handle a wide range of milling techniques with ease. It covers the entire spectrum of milling technology, providing versatility and efficiency to dental laboratories.

LED Light Head
The S3 Premium features a patented LED lighting system that provides an unobstructed view of the work area without shadows or the need for external lighting. The integrated LED lighting is seamlessly controlled within the S3 system.

Operating Satellite
The device's OLED display offers clear and readable information on all operational parameters, while the flexible connection of the satellite enables versatile positioning to adapt to different workspaces.

Height-Adjustable Milling Table
The S3 Premium's model table height is adjustable to maintain consistent working and viewing height, even with different model heights. This optimizes the working position, reducing fatigue and improving efficiency. Additionally, the milling table features a magnetic tension system that securely holds objects in place during milling.

3D Milling Arm
The milling machine's innovative design includes a magnetic system that can be locked with a foot pedal switch or operating satellite, providing unparalleled control and precision. Its ball guides ensure easy mobility in all directions, while the 25 mm drilling stroke allows for precise work in hard-to-reach areas.

S3-Master Milling unit includes complete milling unit with milling motor and spindle with LED lighting. The S3-Master does not come with the #2407/9 Model Table or Wooden Armrests.


S3 Premium Instructions


Technical Specifications

S3 Premium  
Speed Range 500 - 80,000 rpm
Milling Unit Dimensions 300 mm X 500 mm X 420 mm
Milling Unit Weight 21 kg
Rated Voltage 100 - 240 V
Rated Frequency 50/60 Hz
Concentricity < 0.015 mm
Chuck Size 2.35 mm (standard), 3.0 mm (special order)
Warranty 1 year warranty.