Easily work with green state zirconia


Our Matrix Shapers are the perfect choice when working with unsintered (aka. green state) zirconia. With these tools you can make quick work of removing milling support bars, making adjustments and smoothing your milled zirconia restorations before they go through the sintering process. They give technicians the ability to efficiently remove material while also achieving an extremely smooth surface. This greatly reduces the amount of post-sintering work required and helps dental labs avoid labor intensive grinding.

Matrix Shapers come in two different configurations. The standard Matrix Shapers are a medium grit, while the Matrix Shapers Duo combines a medium and fine grit into one convenient tool. There are five different shapes to choose from and each one has been tailored to the task of working with green state zirconia. Matrix Shapers are durable and run smooth, plus they are available at an affordable price. So pick up some Matrix Shapers today and start saving time, labor and money.