Z4 Quick Start Guide


Is your current investment letting you down and you're looking to get started working with N&V's Z4 Universal Investment - well then look no further.

We know that switching to a new product can sometimes be difficult, and the instructions can be lengthy. If you are like us then you probably toss the instructions aside and get right to work. But it's important to remember that to achieve the astounding results Z4 can offer you must follow several key procedures. This is not your old investment, this is Z4, so we've put together a "quick start" guide that will get you moving right along.

Z4 Quick Start Instructions

1) Use a clean, damp bowl
2) Dispense the powder in the bowl first
3) Add liquid second
4) Mix firmly by hand until all powder is wet
5) Vacuum mix for 50 seconds
6) Pour with little to no vibration
7) Bench set for a minimum of 30 seconds for normal size ring, 10 - 15 minutes longer for larger rings (there is no maximum)
8) Put ring in room temperature or preheated burnout furnace and heat soak at end temperature for minimum of 30 minutes (add time for additional rings)
9) Cast or Press
10) Devest

Special Notes:
- Z4 can be poured up and cast any time after then necessary bench set. But do not keep the ring in a bag or re-wet the ring - just toss it in the furnace!
- Scraping the tops of rings is a technique used with ancient investments - Z4 does not require this. In fact do not rough up the tops, put the ring on a model trimmer, scrape it on a model trimmer wheel sitting on the bench or use sandpaper on the tops. Only when using leveler rings with pressable ceramics should the top of the ring be lightly scraped to remove the "nub".

The most important thing to keep in mind is not to over-complicate things. Just follow our quick start guide, check out the instructions for liquid/powder ratios and your casting or pressing results will be better in no time.

Plus, remember when in doubt we are always a call or email away.

Need a sample of Z4 so you can get on your way to better times? Visit our Sample Request page and we'll get one on the way to you right away.