Top 5 Reasons to Choose Arctic Grinders


Top 5 Reasons to Choose Vacalon Arctic Grinders

Our Arctic Grinders are perfect choice for zirconia, lithium disilicate and conventional ceramic materials. They’re a favorite among dental techniciansand here’s why they say you should be using them in your lab.

Delivering up to 5 times the life of other brands, Arctic Grinders will outlast the competition. These tools run true and are built to perform.

Keep Things Cool
By generating the minimum amount of heat, the chance of cracking or chipping is greatly reduced. Assuring that material is safely and efficiently removed without damaging the restoration.

Gentle, Steady Grinding
Whether you’re thinning margins on zirconia or reducing sprues on pressable ceramics, gentle and steady grinding can be achieved even with low pressure. Plus, increased edge stability ensures a smooth cutting action.

Your Choice

Available in nine different shapes and two different grits so you can easily find the tool that is right for your job.

The Savings Add Up
Cheaply made grinders might save you a few dollars now but will cost you more in the long run. With the optimum mix of diamond particles, our Arctic Grinders work faster and deliver a longer lifespan.

Vacalon Arctic Grinders