5 Reasons to Switch to Z4 Universal Investment


Z4 is a precise and consistent high-speed investment. It performs under the most demanding circumstances with unequaled consistency and reliability. Here are a few more reasons you should be using Z4 in your lab.

1. Completely Universal
Z4 gives labs the ability to replace all of their investments with one material. Pressable ceramics, C&B castings, partial denture castings and you can even use it to solder.

2. Perfect Pressings
With one material you can press e.max, LiSi and any other pressable material you might have. Achieving flawless pressings with little to no reaction layer is simple with Z4.

3. CAD/Cast or Press
Z4 is the best when milling or printing wax patterns. Created to work with all types of waxes, resins and milled materials... Z4 will only improve your workflow.

4. No Games
With Z4 labs can take complete control over their casting and pressing procedures. Z4 eliminates the guesswork and puts control where it belongs, in the hands of the user.

5. Global Phenom
Z4 allows labs to accomplish tasks faster, easier and with more accuracy. From the largest labs to the smallest, all around the globe... more labs are making the switch to Z4.

Still not sure about switching to Z4 Universal Investment?

Just drop us a line to request a free sample to try in your lab and experience the difference first hand.

Z4 Universal Investment