Cast or press 3D printed patterns with Z4


More and more we are seeing labs integrate 3D printers into their workflow to print wax patterns. Whether they are printing copings for casting, full contour for pressing or framework for partial dentures many labs are taking advantage of this time saving tool.

But one issue we hear from techs about is their frustration with the cast or pressed results. This is because most of today's investments can't handle the resin based materials used in the printers. That is where our investments from N&V can help you out.

If you want great results with your 3D printed patterns all you have to do is use Z4 Universal Investment. We've heard from labs all around the world who have been using Z4 for pressing and casting printed components - they are raving about the results. No matter how complex the pattern, Z4 is delivering outstanding results.

If you're printing partial denture framework we've got a great option as well - MG-Vest Partial Investment. With MG-Vest you can print the framework then fit and modify it directly on the refractory model. MG-Vest is a phosphate bonded investment so it is easy to control the fit with the Expansion Liquid.