Quality made affordable


Accurate models are the foundation of a high quality restoration. Regardless of how you produce your restorations (milling, pressing, casting, etc) fabricating a working model is typically the first step in the process. That's why it is important to use the best quality components for your model work, and why you should be using our BK-Medent Double Pin System.

Accuracy and consistency
We use precision manufacturing to ensure that all of the components in the BK-Medent Double Pin System are of the highest quality. To eliminate rotation special attention is given to make sure that the size of the pin is consistent from pin to pin and box to box. Unlike cheaply made pin systems, our pins have a precise profile that does not have "flash". This avoids an improper fit in the sleeve, and delivers outstanding stability.

Easy to use
The BK Double Pin System gives laboratories all the benefits of a two pin system while maintaining an easy-to-use pinning procedure. BK Double Pins pins also have a standard size head that make it possible to achieve the right fit with all quality drill bits. The special grooves in the head assure permanently fixed pins, once glued in place.

Protected completely
With the BK Double Pins the sleeves has been designed to cover the entire pin. By protecting the stone and not allowing it to be abraded when the pin is inserted the chance for inaccuracies is removed.

The rubber end caps add stability while pouring the base and fit snugly against the sleeves to completely protect the pin. Each end cap has a small slit so it can be easily removed from the poured model with a simple twist from a flat instrument. One big time saver that many labs find useful is that our end caps come packaged loose, and do not have to be removed from a sheet.

The BK-Medent Double Pins can be ordered from our nationwide network of dealers or you can request a Free Sample today.