Time for a change?


Is your current investment causing you headaches? Are inconsistencies and inaccurate results costing you time and money? Vacalon knows your aches and that is why we offer a pain free solution: N&V Z4 Investment.

Whether you are searching for a better solution for your pressable ceramics or looking for a reliable casting investment, Z4 is the only investment you will ever need. Z4 has extremely flexible properties and user-friendly characteristics that make it easy to work with and allow labs to achieve the best results from their work. The batch to batch consistency of Z4 is unequaled, and eliminates the guesswork that can lead to problematic results.

N&V Z4 Investment is the complete solution for any dental laboratory.

  • One easy to use investment for all pressable ceramics and alloys
  • Excellent choice for all types of pressing tasks - e.max press, press to zirconia, press to metal and more
  • Flexibility to use either traditional or rapid burnout techniques
  • Extremely fluid consistency that requires little to no vibration to pour multiple rings at one time
  • Requires only a 30 minute bench set, but rings can sit for hours, days or weeks before being placed directly into a hot furnace
  • Easy to devest with only light blasting required
  • Manufactured by N&V Belgium - Pioneers in the field of dental casting and pressing technology

Best of all Z4 is available through a nationwide network of distributors for easy ordering.

Ready to bring the advantages of Z4 to your laboratory? Request a free sample kit today and test drive Z4 in your lab.