Quickcheck: The ultimate indicator


Year after year Quickcheck Indicating Spray proves itself as one of the biggest time and money savers in the industry. Technicians around the world consider it an indispensable tool because it allows them to complete such a wide variety of tasks with extreme accuracy. It is simple to use and works on a wide range of materials, making it perfect for every department in the laboratory.

One of the most popular uses of Quickcheck is to accurately pin point unwanted contact points and high spots on any type of dental restoration. Our patented applicator provides a smooth, controlled spray for even coatings and revealing power. Once dispensed the ultra-fine powder dries instantly adhering to metal, porcelain, composite, acrylic and virtually any other material found in dental laboratories. So whether you are seating a crown, partial framework or locating occlusal contacts Quickcheck helps you achieve the perfect fit every time.

Quickcheck is available in three vibrant colors, allowing you to choose the one that is right for your needs. Our Green color is popular all throughout the lab, while our Red color is great for use on metal because it delivers a deep contrast and our White color has become a big hit in all-ceramic departments. All three colors offer amazing visibility allowing users to see exactly what they need to achieve the perfect fit.

Clean-up of Quickcheck is easily accomplished and typically can be completed with water, but using a steamer or a brush with water can get the job done faster. Another tip, if you are using Quickcheck on gypsum models be sure to seal them first with ProLine Model + Die Conditioner. This seals the porous gypsum and makes clean-up much easier.

If you are not using Quickcheck maybe it is time you gave it a try - who knows how many different ways you'll find to use it in your lab. Plus, one can of Quickcheck has over three times as many sprays as other brands, for the same price. So order your can today and find out why Quickcheck continues to be one of the biggest time and money savers in the industry.