Are you tired getting bubbles and voids in your model work or castings? They can be a real headache and by the time you see them it is usually too late. You end up having to re-pour your models or spend time grinding them from castings and pressings. They can even be so bad that you have to re-cast or re-press your restoration.

So what causes the bubbles? Most of the problems come from the surface tensions that are present on impression materials, plastics, silicones and waxes. The surfaces of these materials can be hydrophobic, meaning that they actually repel water or materials like gypsum and investment that are mixed with water. It is similar to droplets of water beading up as they fall on a freshly waxed car or a leafy plant. When you pour gypsum into an impression, or investment into a wax pattern, the surface tensions do not allow the material to freely flow and fill all the fine details. This results in bubbles, voids and overall poor results.

To overcome these problems it is necessary to us a surfactant such as HydroSmooth Debubblizer to eliminate the surface tensions. But choosing the correct surfactant is important, as some surfactants contain harsh detergents and chemicals. These surfactants can cause extremely poor surface texture or even stop the gypsum from properly setting up, leaving you with a model that has a chalky surface. Other surfactants use alcohol that can negatively react with investments and other materials.

HydroSmooth excels because it is formulated to be free of harsh chemicals and alcohols that can cause poor results. The nano-surfactants used in HydroSmooth help reduce the surface tensions and make it possible for the materials to flow into even the thinnest areas. This ensures that models, pressings and castings will be accurate and have a highly detailed surface reproduction.

So if you are ready to kick the bubbles out of your lab then it's time for you to give HydroSmooth a try. Just head over to our sample request form and we will send you a free trial of HydroSmooth Debubblizer.