What is a real rapid cast investment?


We've noticed that the term "rapid cast" is used very loosely to classify and describe investments and we would like to take this opportunity to clear up any confusion. To be able to be considered a Rapid Cast investment the material must meet certain standards and have certain capabilities. Who sets these standards? Well N&V Belgium of course, because they invented the process.

To be considered a true rapid cast investment the material must be able to be invested in a ring and at any time after the necessary benchset placed directly into a preheated burnout furnace, this could be 3 hours, 3 days or 3 weeks. Furthermore, the rings must be able to be placed directly in the burnout furnace without any need to soak, trim or place them into a plastic bag. Last, they must be able to be placed directly into the burnout furnace without the fear of inconsistent results or exploding cylinders. These properties are what make a rapid cast investment one of the most beneficial tools that a laboratory can use in their pressing and casting procedures.

Investments claiming to be shock heat, fast firing, or high speed investments are not necessarily also a rapid cast investment. In fact many of them are based on theories that are the exact opposite of what rapid cast means. These investments place time restraints and additional rules on burnout procedures. They make technicians rush around to meet these time restrictions and take control of the casting schedule away from the lab. These inefficiencies usually end up costing the laboratory time and money.

With Z4 Universal Rapid Cast Investment restrictive casting procedures become a thing of the past. Invested rings can be placed into a preheated furnace at will, with no worry about when the ring was invested or concern about complicated furnace programs. This allows the technician to focus on the quality of the work rather than watching over the rings with a stopwatch.

Request a free sample of Z4 Investment today to get all the benefits of a true rapid cast investment. You'll get better pressing and castings, increased consistency, flexible work procedures and increased productivity. All of this adds up to a visible difference in your bottom line.