BK-Medent Double Dowel Pin System


Quality and consistency should not be compromised. The BK-Medent Double Pin System gives laboratories a top quality pin system, at an affordable price. BK Double Pins only require one drill hole per die and erase the chance of die movement, while still gliding evenly in and out of the sleeve thanks to the short friction zone. Use BK Double Pins for a solid foundation that leads to an accurate restoration.

Accurate fit, permanent fix and consistent sleeve positioning.

Our pins use a standard size head that makes it possible to achieve the right fit with all popular pin drills. The special grooves in the head assure permanently fixed pins, once glued in place. Plus, the precision manufacturing of the pin ensures that the die is returned to the same position within the sleeve, every time it is inserted.

Plastic or metal sleeves - it's your choice.

BK-Medent Double Pins come in two flavors, plastic sleeves and metal sleeves. Both versions offer sleeves that protect the entire pin to reduce the chance of abrasion to the gypsum. In addition, both sleeves have built in retention marks that ensure that once poured they are securely fixed in the model base. Whether you use the plastic sleeves or metal sleeves you can be assured that they will be dimensionally stable, resisting heat and moisture.

We've been asked about the difference between the two and if one has more benefits than the other. The Double Pins with Plastic Sleeves are more popular than the Double Pins with Metal Sleeves, and they cost a few dollar less. Talking to users we've found that there are some who use both versions, while many prefer one over the other. In the past we've seen plastic sleeve dowel pins that were not so great because they were using inferior materials. But with the materials available today our plastic sleeves are durable, rugged and can endure all the punishment you could ever throw at them.

No more plucking the rubber end caps off of annoying sheets!

We never realized how annoying it is to have to carefully remove each individual rubber end cap from a sheet - that is we never realized until we did not have to do it any longer. That's why the end caps for our pins come packaged in loose form in a resealable bag. The fact is the time you spend picking apart a sheet of rubber pieces is most likely better spent on something else. Plus, each end cap has a small slit so it can be easily removed from the poured model with a simple twist from a flat instrument.

Try the BK Double Pins by requesting your free sample today.

Since we introduced the BK-Medent Double Pin System over a year ago they have become a popular choice with many technicians. Find out what makes them so popular by requesting your free sample today!