Instant firing support


Insta-Peg is the perfect choice for providing secure stabilization for your restorations while in the porcelain furnace. All you need is a dab of this custom refractory peg putty to help avoid accidents that can damage all of your hard work. Insta-Peg is non-contaminating, so it is perfect for any type of porcelain, and it will not distort during the firing cycle. Plus, no drying time is required, allowing you to quickly go from bench to furnace.

Whether you are firing a crown, a long-span bridge or a veneer Insta-Peg is simple to use. Packaged in a 12 cc syringe Insta-Peg is easy to dispense and the tip allows you to accurately place the material. You can use it with any type of firing peg or metal post and all types of firing trays - it even works great with our Fiber-Free Tray Liner. If you are looking for something more customized Insta-Peg can also be formed by hand to create shapes, custom pegs and firing pillows to support all types of restorations.

Insta-Peg can take the heat, remaining stable at firing temperatures up to 1300°C (2375°F) without breaking down. The material can also be used as a temporary heat shield against higher temperatures during soldering or other tasks where an open flame is used. Plus, our advanced formula is unaffected by freezing allowing for trouble-free shipping throughout the entire year.

When the firing process is complete cleaning up Insta-Peg could not be any easier. Once cooled it only takes a slight twist and tap to remove most, if not all, of the material. If any material remains inside the restoration it can typically be removed with a brush or a quick burst of air.

Insta-Peg is a great product that helps technicians perform all types of task. When it comes to taking the heat all over the lab, nothing beats Insta-Peg. Order today or request a free sample to find out how it can help your dental lab.