Don't trust just anyone to repair your handpiece


Entirely too often we get handpieces sent to us that were recently repaired by another company and they operate horribly. They will run hot, vibrate like crazy and be loud enough to make your ears hurt. It is actually quite frustrating because we've seen multiple handpieces ruined because of shoddy repairs. So how does this happen?

The reason is simple - these other companies are not properly trained and they don't use genuine replacement parts. When it comes to the high performance micromotors - such as the Microstar V-40 and Schick C-Master Series that we repair - parts are definitely not just parts. It is also crucial to know how to properly disassemble and then reassemble these micromotors. That is why our repair techs are trained by Schick Dental.

It comes down to this:

- Our technicians are factory trained
- We install only genuine replacement parts
- We are equipped with the special tools required to work on these handpieces

No other company in North America can say this.

If your V-40 or Schick handpeice needs some work done, be sure to contact our experts. Or you can our Download Repair Request Form (pdf | 40 kb) and send us your handpiece for an estimate.