Zulu Acrylic Polishers


With our Zulu Polishers you can forget about using pastes and other compounds when polishing acrylic materials. These easy to use tools are made with a durable binding material that make achieving high-gloss results a breeze.

Zulu Polishers come in five different shapes and three different grits:

  • Coarse (Green) - Lightly remove, contour and shape
  • Medium (Gray) - Remove reaming scratches, smooth and pre-polish the surface
  • Fine (Yellow) - Final step to achieve a high shine

They can be used on all types of acrylics, as well as other materials including:

  • Denture acrylics
  • Orthodontic acrylics
  • Repair acrylics
  • Milled PMMA
  • And more