New Vega Polishers for high-strength ceramics


Harder, high-strength ceramics demand high-performance polishing instruments, and our Vega Polishers help you meet those demands. They are ideally suited for working with zirconia, lithium disilicate and other high-strength ceramics. Whether you need to refine contacts, adjust contours, smooth or polish to a high-shine these polishers are sure to get the job done. They posses a high concentration of specially developed diamond grains that allow them to perform at a high level, while leaving an ultra-smooth surface.

Our Vega Polishers are available in three distinct grits:

  • Coarse grit – an aggressive diamond grain for making adjustments and pre-polishing, without needing additional pressure. (Zirconia, lithium disilicate, all-ceramic)
  • Medium grit – easily makes small adjustments and pre-polishes before final high-shine. (excellent for lithium disilicate). Smooths out and finesses the margins of full zirconia restorations.
  • Fine grit – delivers an ultra-smooth, high-luster finish (zirconia, lithium disilicate, high-strength ceramics)

Whatever Vega Polisher you choose you can be sure you'll achieve outstanding results. Plus, you'll get a polisher that offers extended durability, runs smooth and stays cool.