What size disposable plunger do you need?


Vacalon offers four different sizes of disposable plungers, but what size do you need? There is a pretty good chance you need one of our two most popular sizes, the 12 mm or the 13 mm plungers. But regardless of which pressable ceramic system you use our four different sizes will have you covered.

So what are the sizes and what systems do they work with? Since there are so many pressable ceramic systems available to dental laboratories it's impossible to list every one, but this guide will help you determine the correct plunger for your lab.

Vacalon Disposable Press Plungers for 2 gram ingots (12 mm)

The 2 gram/12 mm disposable plungers for use with with pressable systems such as Empress, Ceramco, Authentic, Creation and Cerpress just to name a few. The 2 gram ingot is somewhat of a "standard" size, as before IPS e.max Press was released nearly every pressable ceramic system used this size ingot. The 2 gram denotes the weight of the ingot and the 12 mm is the diameter of ingots, bases and plungers. However, there is always a +/- factor that should be taken into consideration, with some ingots being slightly smaller than 12 mm. Since this size ingot has been around for many years there is a large number of pressable systems that use this size ingot.

Vacalon Disposable Press Plungers for e.max ingots (13 mm)

Our e.max/13 mm disposable plungers are for use with the IPS e.max Press system. Since both the standard and large e.max ingots are the same diameter (13 mm) and use the same rings and bases, our e.max plungers work equally well with either size. In addition, there are some who refer to the e.max Press ingots as "3 gram ingots" because of there weight, but this only applies to the standard e.max ingots.

Vacalon Disposable Press Plungers for 5 gram ingots (16 mm)

Vacalon's 5 gram/16 mm Disposable Plungers are used with the larger ingots that are typically found in pressing system that use the standard 2 gram ingot. While not as widely used as the 2 gram ingots, the 5 gram ingot is for cases requiring more ceramic material. The 5 gram ingots are typically 16 mm in diameter, but we have found that the diameter of the ingot can vary with the brand. However, the difference is nominal and our plungers will work with all the bases designed for 5 gram ingots.

Vacalon Disposable Press Plungers for Wide 5 gram ingots (18 mm)

The Wide 5 gram/18 mm Vacalon Disposable Plungers are a special size that is for use with the 5 gram ingots found in the GC Initial System. This ingot is wider than other 5 gram ingots and requires a special pressing ring that accommodates the larger 18 mm diameter.

Hopefully we given you enough information to determine the correct plunger for your pressable ceramic system. You can order Vacalon Disposable Plungers through our network of distributors, by giving us a call or simply by visiting our website.

If you still need assistance just contact us and we'll make sure you get the right fit for your needs. As always you can request a free sample of our plungers by visiting our sample request page.