CAD-Cast or Press with Z4


Increase your options when you integrate your digital and analog workflows with Z4 Universal Investment. Producing digital wax-ups by milling or printing can be an efficient way to blend your digital and analog techniques. This blending of technologies can lead to increased profitability and offers the freedom to work in a vast array of materials. It also opens the door to casting and pressing objects (like intricate implant parts) that would otherwise be impractical to produce.

With Z4 Universal Investment technicians can spend time designing the perfect restoration, while knowing that it can then be cast or press to perfection. This approach can be applied to all types of cases and is well tailored for cases requiring a high level of esthetics and precision. With Z4 the possibilities are endless.

Z4 Universal Investment is the perfect choice for casting or pressing CAD designed wax-ups.

  • Effortlessly cast or press all types of waxes
  • Achieve more esthetic results
  • Very useful for large metal and implant structures
  • Pressed ceramics will be brilliant in every detail
  • Capability to use a wide range of material options
  • Most importantly - A profitable workflow for the lab!

Get started by ordering Z4 Investment for your lab today - or request a free sample to give it a test-drive.