Let Sigma Polishers help you get it done right


Once you try our Sigma Polishers they'll become your go-to tools for all of your ceramic restorations. That's because they provide the most efficient solution for contouring, smoothing and polishing all types of traditional ceramics. Sigma Polishers are infused with a high content of special diamond grains that allow them to run true, cool and smooth while making quick quick work of whatever task you throw at them.

Sigma Polishers have been designed so technicians can achieve a ultra-smooth surface with a high luster - all without the use of pastes or compounds. There are 6 different shapes and 3 different grits to choose from, so you are sure to find a selection that is right for you. When it comes to putting the final touches on on your restorative work nothing but the best will do, so be sure to choose Sigma Polishers

  • Use with all types of traditional (feldspathic) ceramics
  • Use for small adjustments, refining contours and a paste free, high-shine
  • Wear resistant bonding material
  • Time-proven diamond technology