Our Double Pins make it easy


You know what is really terrible about some of the double dowel pins on the market today? The fact that you have to pluck all of those rubber end caps off the sheet. I mean sure, it seems like a minor thing but it really is a pain. It's an absolute waste of time, but what's worse is how they end up tearing or not coming free from the sheet. So you're left with an end cap that is half torn and has flash hanging off one side.

With our BK Double Pins things are easy. In each box you get 1000 pins, 1000 sleeves and 1000 end caps. But we don't ask you to do our job - we deliver the end caps loose and not on some rubbery sheet. Beyond that our pins offer unrivaled quality at an unbeatable price. So stop wasting your time and see for yourself why our Double Pins are so popular.

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