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Remove variables with Vacalon Press Plungers


Short presses, split rings, contaminated and cracked ceramic material are just some of the variables that can come with using Aluminum Oxide plungers. In addition, Aluminum Oxide plungers require l…
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Instant firing support


Insta-Peg is the perfect choice for providing secure stabilization for your restorations while in the porcelain furnace. All you need is a dab of this custom refractory peg putty to help avoid acciden…
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Tis' the season to switch to Z4


Tired of the inconsistencies from your current investment? Is it inflexible, making it difficult to control and delivering more problems than solutions? Or maybe getting real world technical support i…
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Make the case with professional model work


High quality model work not only looks great, it's an important part of fabricating functional restorations. Model production is one of the first steps of the restorative process for the dental labora…
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Quickcheck: The ultimate indicator


Year after year Quickcheck Indicating Spray proves itself as one of the biggest time and money savers in the industry. Technicians around the world consider it an indispensable tool because it allows…
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Possible shipping delays due to cold weather


So far this has been a rather cold winter for most of the United States, with temperatures well below freezing and wind chills making it feel much colder. While the groundhog will let us know for sure…
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Partial denture frameworks with MG-Vest


Are you using 3D printing to create your partial frameworks but need an investment to cast your patterns? Or maybe you are just looking to upgrade the products and procedures you use to manufacture yo…
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Schick S-Ceramic Milling


The S-Ceramic Milling System from Schick Dental gives laboratories the ability to mill a broader range of materials, including zirconia and pressable ceramics. The system uses a high speed air turbine…
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Get your handpiece up and running


Last month we wrote about making smart decisions when repairing your Schick C-Master or Microstar V-40 handpieces. To follow up on that post we wanted to give some examples of common problems, alon…
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Risk-Free G2 Model Saw Demo


The G2 Model Saw offers a modern approach to an age old process. Models have traditionally been sectioned one of two ways - with a hand saw or with a diamond disc mounted in a handpiece. While usin…
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Helpful tips for pressable ceramics


Pressable ceramics have become a top choice of many clinicians because of their ability to create such esthetically pleasing restorations. With our Z4 Investment and Disposable Plungers being great ch…
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Should you repair your V-40?


To repair, or not to repair - that in fact is a question we get quite often. The Microstar® V-40 is a well engineered handpiece that was built to last, and many dental labs have units that have been i…
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Temperature sensitive products


The winter weather can create challenges when shipping temperature sensitive products, but planning ahead helps avoid problems. Keeping an eye on the local temperatures is important, but it is a good…
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Quality made affordable


Accurate models are the foundation of a high quality restoration. Regardless of how you produce your restorations (milling, pressing, casting, etc) fabricating a working model is typically the first s…
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Your 2013 "Beat the Freeze" Reminder


With most of the country enjoying a mild fall it's hard to think about winter being right around the corner. But once it arrives the cold weather can complicate the shipping of many temperature sensit…
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Time to bring Z4 Investment to your lab?


Tired of fighting with your investment material? Are you constantly changing your liquid ratios to get an acceptable fit? Does it seem like you need a jackhammer to devest your castings and pressings…
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Schick S3-Master Milling Unit


The S3-Master from Schick Dental is truly the world's most advanced milling unit. Offering unparalleled capabilities, the S3-Master comes loaded with features and is ready to take on the toughest jobs…
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BK-Medent Double Dowel Pin System


Quality and consistency should not be compromised. The BK-Medent Double Pin System gives laboratories a top quality pin system, at an affordable price. BK Double Pins only require one drill hole per d…
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Test Drive the Schick G2 Model Saw


Every day more labs are telling us how they can't imagine being without their Schick G2 Model Saw. In fact, we have customers who are now able to run their model department so efficiently that they ha…
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Using Z4 Investment with e.max Press


We often get asked how well Z4 Investment works with lithium disilicate pressable ceramic systems. Our response is yes, Z4 is the perfect investment for all types of pressings systems, including lithi…
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What size disposable plunger do you need?


Vacalon offers four different sizes of disposable plungers, but what size do you need? There is a pretty good chance you need one of our two most popular sizes, the 12 mm or the 13 mm plungers. But re…
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Time for a change?


Is your current investment causing you headaches? Are inconsistencies and inaccurate results costing you time and money? Vacalon knows your aches and that is why we offer a pain free solution: N&V Z4…
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The product with 101 uses


Very often we hear from technicians about new, creative ways that they are using Insta-Peg to make their job easier. Whether they are using it to hold veneers while they complete a staining process, o…
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Achieve predictable pressings


Offering excellent aesthetics and a wide variety of indications, pressable ceramics are as popular as they have ever been. To help you press with confidence and achieve the most predictable results we…
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Accurate models are a necessity


No matter what type of restoration you produce, or how you produce it, bubble-free and accurate model work is an absolute necessity. Using a high quality, predictable dental gypsum is just one part of…
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Problems with porosity?


Castings with porosity in them can cause all kinds of problems and lead to more work, wasted time and wasted money. Complicating things further is the fact that the visible porosity can be just a part…
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Watch the new Schick G2 Model Saw video


We are extremely pleased to announce that the new Schick G2 Model Saw video is ready for your viewing pleasure. We are excited because the original G2-Concept Model Saw video was very popular and extr…
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Schick is sporting a new look


The Schick G2-Concept Model Saw has been redesigned is now available with a new look, along with a few other added features. The popular G2 Model Saw has gone from yellow to a new white color, with a…
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Free is not always better


Not only is free not always better, sometimes free is not any good at all. So when it comes to the tools you use to measure liquids in your dental laboratory we recommend you throw out those free liqu…
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Tech Tip: Vacuum Mixers


Working with dental laboratories across the country one of the common problems our technical department deals with are issues with the laboratory's vacuum mixer. All too often it's the oldest and leas…
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Quickcheck: There is no substitute


For over 20 years Quickcheck Indicating Spray has been one of the biggest time, labor and money saving tools in the industry. Quickcheck allows technicians to accurately pin point unwanted contact poi…
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Happy New Year 2013


They say time flies when you are having fun, so we must have had a great time in 2012 because the year went by in the blink of an eye. But we know we were working hard because much has happened over t…
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Achieve the highest levels of consistency


For over 11 years Z4 Universal Investment from N&V Belgium has been delivering high quality, consistent results to dental laboratories around the world. And when it comes to casting alloy or pressi…
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Need to get your Microstar V-40 Repaired?


Need to get your Microstar V-40 Handpiece repaired? Then look no further. Our Schick Certified Repair Center uses genuine replacement parts - no cheap knock off stuff. We have the knowledge and resour…
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Product Videos on YouTube


Product demonstration videos are a great way to learn about products and see their features in use. That's why Vacalon continues to publish more videos showing our products in action. Visit our You…
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The Difference is Visible


Quickcheck Indicating Spray is one of the biggest time, labor and money savers in the industry - it eliminates the guesswork to help reduce overall processing time and ensure fewer chair side adjustme…
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Request a Sample


Sometimes the best way to get more information about a product is to actually try it, and that is why we offer samples of many of our products.We have an extensive sample program in place that offers…
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Shipping Details


Quick and accurate shipping is a top priority at Vacalon - that is why it is our goal to get any orders placed before 12 pm ET, and typically most orders placed before 3 pm ET, shipped out the same da…
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Electric Lab Handpiece Repair


Our flat rate repair program simplifies the process of repairing your electric handpieces.Our "Like New" repair service covers all Schick C-Master Series handpieces, the Schick C2-Profi and the Micros…
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Z4 Investment Sample


Is your current investment not measuring up? Is it time you start looking for a new investment? One that can deliver on its promises? Maybe it's time you tried Z4.Z4 is a different product, unlike any…
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Lab Day West 2010


Be sure to stop by and see us at the Lab Day West Exhibition on May 8th, 2010 in Garden Grove, California - we'll be at table E-9.You can pre-register for the show by visiting…
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Solution Insta-Peg


We love getting feedback from our customers about the different uses they find for our products, and recently we've been hearing about interesting way to use our Insta-Peg Refractory Material.It is sa…
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New Double Dowel Pins


We are pleased to announce the release of our new BK-Medent Double Pin System - consisting of a precision dual dowel pin, plastic sleeve and rubber end caps.The BK Double Pin System is ultimate dual d…
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Perfect Pressing


When it comes to pressing all-ceramic restorations the quality of the materials you use to complete the process is not something to cut corners on.After all the work it takes to get a case, or multipl…
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Z4 Quick Start Guide


Is your current investment letting you down and you're looking to get started working with N&V's Z4 Universal Investment - well then look no further.We know that switching to a new product can sometim…
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30 Minutes or 30 Hours


In addition to extreme precision and consistency, Z4 Investment can offer your laboratory flexible working procedures, allowing you to take full control of your casting and pressing process.Z4 Univers…
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Vacalon at Lab Day 2010


Be sure to visit us at LMT's Lab Day 2010 in Chicago on Saturday, February 27th - along with our partners from Schick and N&V Belgium - we'll be at booths 1200, 1202 and 1204.We'll have the Vacalon li…
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Shipping Information


Quick and accurate shipping is a top priority at Vacalon, and for same day shipping we recommend placing your order by 12 pm ET - however most orders placed before 3 pm ET are shipped the same day and…
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Disposable Plungers for e.max System


If your laboratory has recently switched to Ivoclar's e.max all-ceramic system then be sure to check out our Disposable Plungers - because we've got the perfect product for you. We have a specifically…
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Shipping Freeze Sensitive Products


Products such as Z4 Expansion Liquid are sensitive to cold temperatures and normally they can not be shipped during the winter - but we realize that even with proper preparation in the fall you might…
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Year End Repairs


Get ready for the New Year by having our Schick Certified Repair Center refurbish your handpieces and equipment to get them running like new.Our facility repairs all Schick Dental equipment, including…
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Beat the Freeze


It is the end of January, the high temperature for the day is going to be 15 degrees, and you just realized that you used the last bottle of expansion liquid for your casting investment. Plus, you are…
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At the Bench


Many dental technicians spend their entire day working at the bench - sitting for up to 10 hours in one day. With so many hours spent in a seated position it is imperative that a correct sitting postu…
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Quickcheck Indicating Spray


Quickcheck has been helping dental professionals create precision restorations for nearly 20 years with its wide ranging uses from the model room, to metal finishing and even with today's advanced zir…
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eSources Newsletter


Do you want to be the first to find out about our new products? Do you want to get special offers and discounts? Then Vacalon's eSources is for you.eSources is the monthly digital newsletter for Vacal…
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Handpiece Tips


Our Schick Certified Repair Center technicians are trained to work on all equipment manufactured by Schick, including the American version of the well known C2-Profi - the V-40 handpiece. With th…
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Disposable Press Plungers


Vacalon Disposable Plungers can make your pressing process more efficient, but what makes them better than the other brands? Well, we've compiled a simple list and here it is....1. Better quality2. Be…
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Vacalon is on Facebook


We've put up a page on Facebook to increase our interaction with customers and sales partners - plus we wanted to have a little fun. This way when we are playing "Farm Town" all day we can at least ma…
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Introducing BK-Medent


With users in over 60 countries BK-Medent products have been designed to offer performance, ergonomics and quality - now Vacalon is happy to introduce their complete line to the United States. Wi…
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Schick Handpiece Repairs


Our Schick Certified Repair Center is your source in the USA for repairs of Schick equipment. Our facility repairs all equipment manufactured by Schick Dental, including handpieces that don't actua…
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Casting Tips


As the weather starts to warm up, and the humidity rises, do your casting results change? Ever wonder why this happens? Well investments are made from natural materials, and these materials can react…
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Vacalon Turns 50


This April marks Vacalon's 50 year anniversary, and while many things have changed one thing that has remained constant is our promise to provide high quality, innovative products to dental laborat…
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How big is a micron?


With so many of today's CAD/CAM systems measuring their marginal fit it the sub 20 micron range, it only reinforces the fact that accuracy is at the top of everyone's list, but how "big" is a micron.T…
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Product Demo Videos


We continue to add to our library of product demonstration videos that show the features and benefits of our products. We currently have some great videos on Schick's equipment, including the G2 Model…
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Atlanta Course a Success


On Thursday the 26th our partners in Atlanta, Norton Dental Products Group, hosted Peter Neirynck of N&V Belgium for a seminar covering casting tips and techniques. Over 40 technicians were in attenda…
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Handpiece Repairs


Have an older handpiece built by Schick that is in need of repair? While we like selling new handpieces, we understand that business might be slow and spending money on new equipment might not be in t…
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