Get high luster results with Sigma Polishers


Sigma Polishers provide the most efficient solution for contouring, smoothing and polishing all types of conventional ceramic materials. Infused with a high content of diamond grains, these polishers … read more

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Quickcheck delivers outstanding scans for a fraction of the price of expensive scans sprays. Try Quickcheck today and find out why so many labs won't go without it. … read more

Panther Polishers deliver without compromise


With our new Panther Polishers, a smooth, high-gloss finish is delivered in just two steps. As monolithic all-ceramic restoration usage continues to increase, so does the need for laboratories to be a … read more

Get control with Nexus Buffs


Every department In your lab can benefit from Nexus Buffs. They feature a unique woven design and a low operational speed, delivering a long service life. Users have more control as the gentle action … read more