Fiber-Free Tray Liner, 2.75" Circle, Pack of 6

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Fiber-Free is an advanced material that allows you to fire your porcelain without worrying about ceramic fibers sticking to the porcelain or metal. It is manufactured using a material that will not contaminate your porcelain during the firing cycles. The compact weaving of the material allows you to turn your normal firing trays into non-stick trays, without the use of pegs, posts or pins.

  • No more polishing out imperfections caused by ceramic fibers on margins
  • Free of filament and lint that stick to porcelain causing contamination
  • Thermal shock and chemical resistant, keeping your porcelain free of discoloration
  • Last for numerous firings
  • More effective and easier to use than soft pillow trays
  • Perfect for all firing cycles, including as a glazing pad
  • Works with any type of firing tray and can be cut to your desired size
  • Made in the USA


Fiber-Free SDS


Technical Specifications

Shape Circle
Diameter 2.75"
Qty Per Package 6 pieces