Nexus Buffs

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Abrasive infused pad for all types of acrylic, metal and other materials.

Smooth, remove scratches and pre-polish a wide variety of materials with our abrasive infused pad. Nexus Buffs feature a unique woven design and a low operational speed, delivering a long service life.

Nexus Buffs can be used throughout the entire dental laboratory:

  • Denture acrylic
  • Milled PMMA
  • Thermoforming materials
  • Impression trays
  • Soft denture liners
  • Composites
  • All types of metal (including titanium)

Nexus Buffs excel by giving users more control over the polishing process than traditional techniques and materials. In addition, they have a gentle action that allows the task to be completed without damaging the existing anatomical surfaces.

Product summary:

  • Use to remove scratches, smooth surface and pre-polish
  • Soft, yet extremely stable and durable
  • Manufactured with an abrasive infused pad
  • Use with many different types of surfaces
  • Available in medium, extra-fine and ultra-fine
  • 104-HP shank size (2.35 mm)
  • Sold 10 per package


General Rotary Instructions


Technical Specifications

Nexus Buffs SizeOptimal RPMMaximum RPM
Medium 26 mm diameter 6,000 rpm 20,000 rpm
Extra-Fine 26 mm diameter 6,000 rpm 20,000 rpm
Ultra-Fine 26 mm diameter 6,000 rpm 20,000 rpm

Ordering Information

Nexus Buffs Medium
26 mm dia. Item no. 51600 Item no. 51603 Item no. 51606