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The Schick Dental S3 Ceramic Milling Set is an upgrade that comes complete with everything you need to upgrade your S3 Premium to a full duty ceramic milling machine.

Schick Dental sets new standards in the field of milling high performance ceramics and Titanium with their newly developed ceramic milling sets. A newly developed suction tub used in connection with a lighted turbine makes the work of milling pressable ceramics or zirconium possible. When working with Titanium the suction tub is used with the traditional motor powered milling spindle. In both cases due to the increased health danger special care was taken for the total removal of the arising mill dust and cooling water with the use of a special separator unit.

Ceramic Milling Set
For the rework of primary parts or implant abutments made of zircon ceramic, alumina or pressable ceramic. With this new accessory for the S3 Premium milling machine no additional milling equipment is needed.

A turbine with a speed of 300,000 rpm is used and is inserted into the milling equipment in place of the motor milling spindle. Additionally the turbine is equipped with the proven light technology of Schick Dental. For the avoidance of temperature dependent micro cracks in the ceramic, the system is fitted with water cooling. When working with titanium the suction tub is used with the traditional motor powered milling spindle.

When working with the turbine it is important to evacuate the water mist and milling dust due to the increased health hazard and the possibility of impairment of visibility by the water mist that is produced. In addition when working with the motor powered milling spindle to treat Titanium it is extremely important to remove the light grit that is created. With these concerns in mind Schick designed an extraction system that combats these hazards. A special tub was designed that fits on top of the standard working table and it contains the dust, water and particles with its special design, including the suction capabilities when connected to an extraction unit. The tub was designed to allow optimal extraction capabilities while still giving the user comfort and control while working. Schick then designed a special separator unit that is used in conjunction with any dust extractor. When working with the turbine the resulting grit and cooling water are transported through the suction tub, into the separator and then into the dust extractor. To stop any water from entering the dust extractor a special check valve was included in the design of the separator. This system also stops the water from coming into contact with the milling equipment and creating a messy work environment. The system can be operated by connecting the separator with all commercial or central suction systems.

Special Tools
To complete the system 1 set each of diamond tools and 1 set of special polishers for ceramic are included for the optimal treatment of ceramic primary parts and implant abutments.

The S3 Ceramic Milling Set comes with the following:

  • Complete Turbine Setup (#2640/1)
  • Light Head for Turbine (#2510/1)
  • Suction Tub(#2470)
  • Extraction Separator Unit(#2655)
  • Stainless Steel Model Table for Ceramic Set (#2407/9)
  • Diamond Tool Set for Turbine, 1.6 mm shank (8 pcs)
  • Polishing Set, 2.35 mm shank (3 pcs)
  • All necessary clips and adaptors for upgrading your S3 Premium Unit

Please note that the S3 Ceramic Milling Set is an upgrade package and it does not include the S3 Premium Milling Unit. If you are intersted in milling ceramics and do not have an existing milling unit please contact us to find out what setup is the best to suit your needs.

The Schick S Ceramic milling sets are available for use on other brands of milling machines. Please contact us to find out if your existing unit can be upgraded to become a ceramic milling unit.



S3 Ceramic Milling Set Upgrade Instructions


Technical Specifications

S3 Ceramic Milling Set  
Turbine Max Speed 300,000 rpm
Chuck Collet 1.6 mm series
Bur Changing Friction Grip (FG)
Suction Tub Dimensions 300 mm X 125 mm X 245 mm
Suction Tub Weight 1.3 kg
Separator Dimensions 450 mm X 450 mm X 500 mm
Separator Weight 4.9 kg
Warranty 1 year warranty.