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Do you think your handpiece cable might have a short in it? Older cables can become worn out and wires can come loose and even break. Many times a handpiece just needs a new cable to get it back running again and the #6250 replacement cable is for the Microstar® V-40 models and Schick C2-Profi.Users can replace their cables by simply swapping it with their old cable.

This replacement cable is compatible with the following handpieces:

  • Microstar® V-40
  • Schick C2-Profi

Schick Quality
Just as your handpiece is designed to perform a specific function, the parts in a handpiece serve the critical function of helping keep the it in good operating condition. For example, each handpiece model requires a chuck that is manufactured to specific tolerances and specifications. The handpiece bearings are designed to keep the axle rotating at the highest levels of concentricity and insure a balanced handpiece. Using Genuine Schick Replacement Parts will help extend the life of your handpiece and are guaranteed to be compatible with your Schick manufactured handpiece.

If you have any questions about the replacement parts you may need for your handpiece please feel free to contact our repair department and we will be happy to help insure you get the proper items. We can be reached at 800.729.8192.

Technical Specifications

Compatibility Schick C2-Profi & Microstar® V-40
Length 1.6 meters
Warranty 6 month warranty