At the Bench


Many dental technicians spend their entire day working at the bench - sitting for up to 10 hours in one day. With so many hours spent in a seated position it is imperative that a correct sitting posture is maintained. Good posture can:

  • Prevent backache and muscular pain
  • Prevent fatigue by using muscles more efficiently
  • Helps decrease abnormal wearing on joint surfaces that can lead to arthritis
  • Decrease the chances other back and muscle problems
  • Help with other areas such as the eyes, wrists, feet and neck

So what is the correct type of sitting posture? Well a search on the web for "Correct Sitting Posture" returned over 3 million results, so certainly there are many opinions and products that revolve around proper posture. In fact, there is an entire industry that revolves around selling chairs, stools, lumbar supports and other devices that are designed to help people with posture.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that good posture does not have to be expensive. Certainly there are chairs that can run well over a thousand dollars, but good quality chairs can be purchased for under $100 dollars. In addition, you can easily be add on inexpensive items such as a lumbar support, seat cushions or footrest to your current chair that can hep with achieving a proper posture.

Whatever you do, make sure you don't overlook the importance of posture and ergonomics as it can:

  • Give you more energy and higher levels of productivity
  • Reduce your downtime
  • Lead to better overall health
  • Help increase focus, resulting in more precise work

This certainly is a case where "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Research the web, pick up one of many available books or consult with a person trained in workplace ergonomics. Making some small changes can result in some big results.