Beat the Freeze


It is the end of January, the high temperature for the day is going to be 15 degrees, and you just realized that you used the last bottle of expansion liquid for your casting investment. Plus, you are very busy and have case pans lined up as far as the eye can see, so you're going to need to be doing a lot of casting and pressing in the coming weeks. This is one predicament that can be easily avoided.

Every fall you should make sure they stock up on enough Z4 Expansion Liquid to get you through the entire winter. For different areas that can mean different time frames, but our warehouse is located in Ohio, so typically we stop shipping our N&V Expansion Liquid around the beginning of November. And usually we can't resume shipping liquid again until Late March or early April.

So if you are in an area with similar temperatures, or your supplier's warehouse is located in an area with similar temperatures, you'll need to stock up on enough Z4 Expansion Liquid to last at least 5 months, but it is better to use a 6 month figure.

Here is a good formula to calculate the proper amount of liquid to purchase:

Number of Cases Per Month
Multiply by 2 (bottles per case)
Multiply by 6 (months)

If you use an average of 3 boxes a month, it would go something like this.

3 (cases) X 2 (bottles per case) X 6 (months) = 36 bottles

- Note: Our case packaging contains 12 bottles, so that is often a good number to round up to. Also, it is a good ideas to store your liquid at room temperature and out of the light. A storage closet or in a box under the bench is perfect. This way the liquid can last several years without any problems.