Introducing BK-Medent


With users in over 60 countries BK-Medent products have been designed to offer performance, ergonomics and quality - now Vacalon is happy to introduce their complete line to the United States.

With a particular focus on helping technicians achieve a comfortable and productive working technique, BK-Medent conducts extensive research before beginning the design of a new product. They draw on their experience, while also cooperating with pilot laboratories around the world. This insight has allowed BK-Medent to gain patents for their Auto-Mixing Plates and also to be awarded Registration of Design for 11 of their products.

We are excited to bring these products to dental laboratories across the United State. We believe dental technicians will appreciate the uncompromising manner in which BK-Medent designs their products. From their new M-Series Auto-Mixing Plates to their Heating Clear wax instrument heater, all of the BK-Medent products deliver the highest possible quality, at a realistic price, leaving you with the absolute best impression.

We'll have much more information and details in the coming weeks, but for now be sure to check out the entire BK-Medent line.