30 Minutes or 30 Hours


In addition to extreme precision and consistency, Z4 Investment can offer your laboratory flexible working procedures, allowing you to take full control of your casting and pressing process.

Z4 Universal Investment excels where other investments fall short, and offers features that no other material can match. One of the key benefits of Z4 is the ability to invest, burnout and cast or press a ring on your own schedule. With Z4 rings can be invested, then remain on the bench for 30 minutes, 30 hours or 30 days before placing it directly into a hot furnace for preheating.

This means no longer do you have to stand over a ring with a timer waiting for the exact moment to place it in the furnace. Or worse, if you wait too long you lose the ability to use the Rapid Cast technique and risk a ring cracking. With Z4 you can invest, then preheat and cast or press at your convenience. Plus, you can invest rings at different times of the day, then preheat them all together when you are ready.

This feature of Z4 not only offers flexibility, but it also enables it to guarantee consistent chemical expansion. When the investment is mixed and the ring is invested the chemical expansion begins. Investments that have a 15 minute bench set require you to place the ring into a hot furnace when it is still hot, damp and the chemical expansion has not yet completed its process. Then when you place the ring in the furnace the heat stops the chemical expansion, and begins the thermal expansion. This can lead to inconsistent results based on the actual amount of time the ring sits on the bench.

With Z4, rings bench set for a minimum of 30 minutes, allowing the chemical expansion to run its entire course and the rings become cool, dry and stable. This means that every ring gets the complete amount of desired chemical expansion, and this leads to more consistent results.

The pioneers at N&V Belgium are the inventors of rapid cast technology in the dental field, and Z4 is the result of over 50 years of collective experience. By understanding how laboratories operate they focus on developing products that allow labs to increase productivity through flexibility and control. This is what Z4 can bring to your laboratory.

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