Shipping Freeze Sensitive Products


Products such as Z4 Expansion Liquid are sensitive to cold temperatures and normally they can not be shipped during the winter - but we realize that even with proper preparation in the fall you might find yourself needing to order these materials.

Learning from years of experience we can typically deliver these types of products, even during the coldest months. So how does Vacalon handle the shipping of these freeze sensitive materials like our N&V Z4 Expansion Liquid?

First, we constantly monitor the weather forecast for the entire country. Every morning we review to decide what areas are safe for shipping and what areas have an "embargo" due to temperatures.

Second, we make sure to take the proper precautions to protect the products during transit. This includes the use of special boxes that help keep the product insulated and keep it from being damaged when the temperatures dip.

Last, and one of the most important steps we take, is maintaining a schedule of what days we can ship freeze sensitive products, making sure we factor in transit time. Our facility is located in Ohio, and depending on your location it can take package anywhere from 1 to 5 days to be delivered to you. One thing we never want to happen is for a package to remain in transit over a weekend. This can be a problem because it could be loaded on a truck on Friday and sit outside the entire weekend in freezing temperatures. This will almost certainly lead to a damaged product.

To make sure this does not happen we will either use an expedited shipping method, such as overnight or two day service, or we will hold the shipment until there is sufficient time for the package to be delivered in the same week it is shipped.

One thing to keep in mind is that when temperatures drop to extreme levels we may not able to ship using a standard ground service. Often times an express shipping option must be used to ensure safe delivery of the product. Another option we use, depending on the order size, is a heated LTL transportation service.

At Vacalon we are always available to answer your questions or concerns about freeze sensitive product shipments. Give us a call at 800.729.8192 or email to for more information.