Test Drive the Schick G2 Model Saw


Every day more labs are telling us how they can't imagine being without their Schick G2 Model Saw. In fact, we have customers who are now able to run their model department so efficiently that they have a backup saw for use in case their primary saw ever need servicing. The G2 helps their technicians produce model work that is accurate, functional and professional looking, and they are able to complete their work faster than ever.

The Schick G2 Model Saw is a unique device designed for the specific purpose of sectioning models. It's not a piece of equipment that was haphazardly put together, or taken from another industry. With the G2 technicians no longer have to choose between the laborious task of hand sawing or risking their safety with unprotected diamond discs in order to separate models.

The G2 is equipped with two special touch sensors that will only allow the saw to operate when both hands are in a safe working position. As a result, unintentional start-ups are avoided, further ensuring the safety of the user. To further promote a safe and comfortable working position, the G2 has hand guards underneath the saw table that offer protection against debris, as well as the rotating saw blade.

A rear port on the G2 allows for connection to your laboratory's suction apparatus. Dust and debris are evacuated during the cutting process, leaving the work area clean and the models ready for further preparation.

The laser allows precise sectioning of the model to be carried out quickly and safely. The line marking laser clearly shows where the cuts will be made and where the user should avoid positioning their hands. Plus, the G2 cuts from below the model allowing for clean sectioning without damaging the the prep, margin or adjoining teeth.

The G2 allows model sectioning to be carried out mechanically and each cut is completed in only a few seconds. Laborious hand sawing is no longer required and labs can leverage the G2's technology to greatly reduce their model production time.

The G2 is a hands on device and often labs want to try it before they buy it. This is why we started offering a risk-free demo program that allows our customers to try the G2 in their own setting, with their own model work and at their pace. If you want to test drive the G2 in your lab call us at 800-729-8192.

In the meantime here is a great video from our partners at Schick that compares sectioning a model with the G2 Model Saw and with a diamond disc on a handpiece. The subtitles are in German, but saving time and money can be understood in any language.