Tis' the season to switch to Z4


Tired of the inconsistencies from your current investment? Is it inflexible, making it difficult to control and delivering more problems than solutions? Or maybe getting real world technical support is impossible? At Vacalon we know your aches and that's why we offer a pain free casting and pressing solution - Z4 Universal Investment.

We understand that switching investments can sometimes be a daunting task. Steps like learning new or different working procedures and fine tuning the expansion to achieve an accurate fit take time to implement. Because of this laboratories are sometimes hesitant to switch investments, even when they are not completely satisfied with the results from their current investment. But the time and effort it takes to make the switch to Z4 Universal Investment will pay off greatly in the long run.

Over the past 10 years we have helped countless technicians make a smooth transition to Z4 by making sure they get off on the right foot. That's why when you switch to Z4 you get access to all of the experience that Vacalon and N&V Belgium have to offer. You can tap into our knowledge to get answers to the questions you might have, and we are here to provide assistance before, during and after you make the change. We have a deep understanding of our product and this allows us to provide situation specific answers to many of your questions. We can provide techs with valuable insight that is applicable to the materials, equipment and systems found in their laboratory.

With Z4 you get more than just an investment, you get our entire team working hard to ensure your success. So if you are tired of the headaches from your current investment contact us or request a sample to find out how your lab can take advantage of our pain free solution - Z4 Universal Investment.