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Our top-of-the line debubblizer is designed to eliminate surface tensions and bubble formation when pouring dental models or investing wax patterns. Using HydroSmooth allows materials to freely flow into even the thinnest areas and results in highly detailed reproductions. Our debubblizer also boasts the Trigger Grip™ Ultra-Fine Mist delivery system that offers ergonomic comfort and ensures quick, even coverage of debubblizer on all types of surfaces. When searching for the perfect debubblizer and surfactant solution, look no further than Vacalon’s HydroSmooth.

  • Delivers accurate, dense models and smooth castings
  • Free of alcohol and other harsh chemicals
  • Compatible with high performance dental gypsums and investments
  • Debubblizer for any impression or duplicating material
  • Will not cause unwanted reactions or poor surface texture

32 oz Refill Bottle comes complete with empty 8 oz spray bottle.



Vacalon HydroSmooth Debubblizer SDS