Panther Abutment

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A systematic process for perfect surfaces

The Panther Abutment series offers a practical approach for preparing submucosal surfaces on implant abutments and bars. Studies have shown that inadequately decontaminated implant surfaces can lead to complications from peri-implant disease. When combined with ultrasonic cleaning, Panther Abutment maximizes clinical success.

Remove excess adhesive

Panther Rough makes quick work of removing set excess adhesive from implant components. The diamond grain performs rough work in the micrometer range without the instrument becoming clogged with adhesive.


Panther Abutment is flexible enough to work across different materials. Zirconia, titanium, porcelain, and other materials are all within the range of Panther Abutment.

Desirable surfaces

With Panther Abutment, the required surface topography can be achieved. Panther Rough yields an average roughness of 0.91 μm, while the Panther Smooth delivers a 0.34 μm roughness.

Maximize clinical success

Combined with a coordinated procedure of ultrasonic cleaning, the Panther Abutment series helps remove unwanted impurities from implant components.

Additional Information
  • Made in Germany
  • Use Panther Rough wherever you need an extra-coarse polisher
  • Soft bonding matrix is infused with a high concentration of super-fine diamonds
  • 104-HP shank size (2.35 mm)
  • Sold 3 per package


Panther Abutment Brochure

General Rotary Instructions


Technical Specifications

Panther Abutment SizeOptimal RPMMaximum RPM
Knife-Edge 26 mm x 2 mm 8,000 rpm 20,000 rpm
Mounted Disc 15 mm x 1 mm 8,000 rpm 20,000 rpm

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Panther Abutment



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Mounted Disc 52245 52139