Get your handpiece up and running


Last month we wrote about making smart decisions when repairing your Schick C-Master or Microstar V-40 handpieces. To follow up on that post we wanted to give some examples of common problems, along with the possible causes and solutions. The following table is certainly not exhaustive, but rather it is a starting point to help determine what you should do to get your handpiece back up and running.

Symptom Possible Causes Solution
Burs do not seat properly in the chuck Chuck is full of debris or is worn out Remove and clean chuck; Replace chuck
Burs slide out of chuck Chuck is worn out Replace chuck
Handpiece intermittently cuts out Possible a short in cable or something wrong with the control box Check cable for short; Replace cable
Chattering or squealing noise Bearings are starting to wear out Contact Vacalon for repairs
Handpiece stops turning, seems to be stuck or locked up Bearings are seized up Contact Vacalon for repairs
Chuck feels like it is catching when opened/closed Parts are worn out inside handpiece Contact Vacalon for repairs
Handpiece vibrates during use Parts are worn out or the handpiece is out of balance Contact Vacalon for repairs
Burs stop rotating at low speeds when pressure is applied Worn bearings resulting in reduced torque Contact Vacalon for repairs

Dental Labs often ask us about completing the repairs themselves and they want to know if they can order replacement parts from us. There are only a few situations where repairs can be properly completed in the lab; replacing/cleaning the chuck, replacing the cable or minor cosmetic parts such as nose cones. The V-40 and C-Master handpieces require special custom keyed tools, so we strongly recommend allowing our trained professionals carry out any repairs beyond those listed.

Simply put we've seen many handpieces that require extensive repairs, including a costly shaft re-balancing, because the initial repairs were attempted by someone who was not properly trained. This includes repairs completed by companies that are not trained to work on the V-40 or C-Master handpieces.

If your V-40 or Schick handpiece needs repair work you can easily download our repair request form to send with your handpiece:

Service Request Form

To order a new chuck or if you need instructions for replacing a chuck in your Microstar V-40 or Schick C-Master handpiece please visit the following links:

Replacement chuck for Microstar V-40
Replacement chuck for Schick C1-Master, C2-Master or C3-Master

Instructions for replacing Microstar V-40 chuck
Instructions for replacing C1-Master chuck
Instructions for replacing C2-Master chuck
Instructions for replacing C3-Master chuck

It's also extremely important to have the proper chuck tools when you are working on your handpiece. We've seen handpieces become permanently inoperable because pliers were used in an attempt to remove the chuck. If you have a Schick C-Master handpiece it's likely your tools are neatly stored in the bottom of your handpiece rest, so take a look there before ordering. But if you find yourself without chuck tools you will need to order them, but before doing so make sure you are ordering the correct ones.

If you have the less common version of the Microstar V-40 that does not have removable nose cone, or if you have a Schick C1-Master then you need the following tools.

L-Shaped Chuck Key
Hold Fast Key

If you have the more common Microstar V-40 that has a removable nose cone, a Schick C2-Master or a Schick C3-Master then you need to order the following tools:

Round Chuck Key
Hold Fast Key

To order new cables for your Microstar V-40 or Schick C-Master handpiece please visit the following links:

Microstar V-40 Cable
Schick C1-Master Cable
Schick C2-Master Cable
Schick C3-Master Cable

If you have any questions we are here to support you. We can help with troubleshooting, making sure you get the correct parts or walking you through the chuck replacement process. Just give us a call, email or send us a message.