Bring on the porcelain


Since we introduced our Picaba Pure Kolinsky Porcelain Brushes they have continued gain popularity among ceramists. Picaba brushes are created using the finest raw materials using innovative construction to satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding ceramist.

The durability of the brush was important to us, and we felt it must hold up under all types of circumstances. When someone buys a quality porcelain brush they expect it to last. They don't want the brush to shed hairs, and they don't want to lose the crisp, sharp tip. In addition to durability we wanted the brush to feature good moisture retention, flexibility and offer the ceramist good control over the manipulation of their porcelain powders. Our Picaba brushes deliver on all these points and more.

Our brushes are made using the only the highest grade Kolinsky sable hairs, offering qualities that cannot be found in any other material. The hairs have an incredible capacity for moisture retention and resist splitting or fraying. The tufts of our brushes are resilient, delivering a long lasting sharp tip with the desirable amount of tension and strength.

The construction process of our Picaba brushes is innovative to the dental field, as each brush goes through an average of ten to twelve manual operations to achieve the utmost excellence. During the final step of production each Picaba brush receives an exclusive curing treatment to ensure a long-lasting shape and to increase its spring and recovery.

One of the other factors that sets Picaba brushes apart is the process used to make a secure connection between the hairs and handle. To stop the brush from shedding the root of each hair is bonded within the ferrule using a special adhesive. Then a special triple crimp method perfectly interlocks the nickel-plated brass ferrule to the comfortable, lightweight handle.

It's time you tried a Picaba Pure Kolinsky Brush and found out why so many other technicians are happy with their Picaba. Or as we like to say, "Bring on the Porcelain".