Casting printed partial dentures with MG-Vest


Last month we wrote about using Z4 Universal Investment with your digital wax-ups and since then we have had several people ask about casting their printed partial denture framework patterns. Luckily we've got the perfect solution - MG-Vest partial denture casting investment. From digital techniques to standard analog waxing, MG-Vest can help you produce high quality frameworks in less time than ever before.

MG-Vest is different than other partial denture investments. It's a phosphate bonded investment that uses N&V Expansion Liquid for easy control of the expansion of the ring and the fit of the framework. MG-Vest also takes advantage of modern duplicating materials to deliver refractory models that are highly accurate and ready for waxing in about 30 minutes - with no drying ovens, hardening resins or other chemicals needed. After the wax pattern is completed the ring can be invested and then it bench sets for 20 minutes. After the bench set is complete the ring is placed into a hot oven, burned out for 50 minutes and then cast.

Another great advantage with MG-Vest is that most labs already have all the equipment they need to start producing their own partial denture frameworks. This gives labs of all sizes the ability to keep their framework production in house. Whether it is to take on more complex combo cases, more closely control the quality or to reduce turnaround time, keeping production on site can be more profitable.

Laboratories that are designing and printing their frameworks will find MG-Vest offers the perfect solution for casting their wax patterns. As a true cobalt-chrome casting investment MG-Vest is able to handle the higher heats that are required by partial denture alloys. It also helps gets the job done quicker when you use its rapid-cast capabilities, as it only requires a 30 minute bench set before being placed into a fully preheated furnace for a 30 minute burnout. Minimal blasting is required to devest the cast frameworks and the fit is extremely accurate.

Rapid cast capabilities. No harsh chemicals. Minimal equipment required. With MG-Vest producing partial frameworks couldn't be easier. For more information about MG-Vest or find out how to bring it to your lab just contact Vacalon.