You need a smooth, stable handpiece


Whatever you do in the dental laboratory there is a good chance you rely on an electric micromotor to get your job done. And because we use them for all types of tasks - cutting, grinding, adjusting and polishing just to name a few - they have become one of the most important items in our toolbox.

Electric handpieces have to be versatile tools, as some jobs might demand power and some might require finesse. That's why it is important you make the right choice when buying an electric handpiece and we can make the decision easy - you can't go wrong with the Schick Q Basic.

It has to run true
Not only is an unbalanced handpiece uncomfortable to use, but it can be disastrous to your restorations. Even the slightest vibrations can be magnified greatly at the tip of the rotary tool. The Q Basic delivers stable operation at all speeds, slow and high.

Ample torque
The last thing you need when cutting through sprues or support bars is to have your handpiece cut out on you. With the Q Basic you get what we call True Torque™. This means you get full torque throughout the entire speed range. In fact, Schick is one of the only companies to manufacture handpieces that deliver this feature.

The ability of a handpiece is measured by its dependability
It might seem obvious, but you can't use what doesn't work. So if your handpiece is always breaking down and in need of repairs that isn't good for business. The Q Basic has multiple integrated sealing points to keep abrasive dusts out and keep your handpiece running in top form. With longer service intervals you can count on your Q Basic to deliver when you need it.