New Schick Q Basic Handpiece


We're excited to announce the release of the newest micromotor from our partners at Schick Dental - the Q Basic. This new electric handpiece combines robust technology and an ergonomic design. With ample power the Q Basic is suitable for all types of work in the dental laboratory.

Like other Schick handpieces, the Q Basic features brushless motor that is constructed using only the highest quality components. The motor delivers speeds up to 40,000 RPM, with 6.7 Ncm of torque that remains consistent throughout the entire speed range. This ensures that users will not get "bogged down" when they are performing difficult cutting and grinding tasks.

The Q Basic also delivers the highest levels of tool concentricity - a must have for situations that require a delicate touch. Your burs, wheels and other rotary instruments will run smooth and true no matter what speed your task requires.

The Q Basic is available in two different configurations, with both control units utilizing the latest electronics to make sure the handpiece runs smooth and cool. The Q Basic Tabletop Version offers users a more traditional set up by combining a compact bench-top control unit and a dynamic foot pedal. The Q Basic Knee Control version is for those who want to have an under the bench installation. It can easily be mounted to compatible benches with the included suspension strip.

Whether you are looking to add, upgrade or replace your existing equipment the Q Basic is sure to exceed your expectations. Contact us for more information or order your Q Basic at our website today.