Early Beat the Freeze Warning 2016


Even though it is just starting to cool off it will only be a matter of time before the freezing cold temperatures arrive. Once the temperatures drop we can have trouble shipping our freeze sensitive products, such as N&V Expansion Liquid for our MG-Vest and Z4 Investments. But you can avoid problems by planning ahead to ensure you have enough liquid to last until Spring.


We always recommend planning for the worst-case scenario of needing 6 months of liquid on hand. It's always better to have it and not need it, rather than need it and not have it. Here is a good formula to help you calculate the proper amount of liquid to purchase:

  • Take the number of cases of Z4 Investment you use per month
  • Multiply that by 2 (bottles of N&V Expansion Liquid needed per box)
  • Multiple that result by 6 (number of months)

So if you use an average of 4 cases per month it would go something like this:

4 cases X 2 bottle per case X 6 months = 48 bottle of N&V Expansion Liquid

* Side note: Most labs use 2 bottles of liquid per 100 gram and 60 gram box. However, if you typically use more or if you use our 500 gram semi-bulk packaging you should calculate 3 bottles per box.

If you are wondering about the shelf life for N&V Expansion Liquid unopened bottles stored properly will last for several years without any issues. Be sure to keep it at normal room temperature and out of the light. A good spot might inside a box in a storage closet or room.