Put the Schick Q Basic to work in your lab


On a daily basis technicians might find themselves using their handpiece for long stretches at a time. That's why it is important for these machines to consistently perform at optimum levels. It is a careful balancing act - they need to deliver power and speed, but still run smooth and cool.

Over the years our partners at Schick Dental have mastered this balancing act, and with the new Q Basic they have delivered a micromotor that has the best of all worlds.

Compact and lightweight
- The control box takes up minimal bench space at slightly over 6" X 6" and it weighs less than 1.5 lbs.
- The handpiece is ergonomically designed, perfectly balanced and weighs only 9.5 ounces.

- Powerful torque of 6.7 Ncm that is delivered throughout all operating speeds, not just when it is running full speed.
- Capable of speeds up to 40K rpm.

Smooth and cool
- Tools run vibration free thanks to smart engineering, high quality components and precise construction.
- The brushless motor stays cool, even after extended periods of use.
- Comfortable to operate and a reduced risk of damage to delicate workpieces.

The Schick Q Basic is ideally suited for all types of work in the dental laboratory. With benefits that simply cannot be found on other handpieces, technicians will quickly appreciate all the Q Basic has to offer.