BK Heating Clear


The BK Heating Clear is the perfect choice for crown and bridge or removable technicians - plus the new upgraded version uses two activation sensors for easier working.

Replace your Bunsen burner or other open flame device with this safe, compact and economical device that quickly heats all types of wax instruments. Simply place the waxing instrument inside the opening, triggering the activation sensors, and in seconds the instrument will be ready for use.

The Heating Clear allows technicians to use their traditional waxing tools in all areas of the lab. Since there is no open flame the device is much safer than natural gas or bottled gas burners, and it uses far less energy.

The LED tells users if the device is in heating mode or stand-by mode, and also if the instrument has been left inside the heating tunnel for too long. In addition, the device incorporates a special plastic lining to protect the inside of the unit from wax droplets.

Plus, the New BK Heating Clear now incorporates two activation sensors located on the upper sides of the opening. This makes activation of the heating mechanism easier and helps avoid "dead spots". This makes working easier and allows instruments to be placed into the opening at multiple angles.

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