Opaque Painting Stick


Our Opaque Painting Stick was featured on the September cover of Dental Lab Products Magazine, and since the issue was released we've had countless requests for more information - and we are thrilled. With so many people contacting us about the BK Opaque Painting Stick we thought we would show how easy it can make the process of applying opaque and similar materials.

The BK Opaque Painting Stick works with any type of opaque, including paste opaques, as well as other materials like liners and modifiers. It is made from a tempered glass, that is formed and polished with dual ball shaped ends. It is well balanced and gives users optimum control over the placement of materials.

There are different techniques to using the Opaque Stick, and once you start using it you might find your own variation, but the basic concept and process is extremely simple.

Start by picking up some material on the end of the ball, then drop it across the top of the coping.

Work on one area pulling the excess material towards the margin, allowing the instrument to glide on top of the surface of the material, rather than actually touching the coping. The idea is to "pull" the material into place in order to achieve a smooth layer.

Repeat the process in other areas, dropping material at the top and working down, finally covering the entire coping.

The coping should have a consistent layer of material, and it can be as thick or thin as you choose.