ProLine Sculpturing Wax


Our ProLine Sculpturing Waxes are designed to offer outstanding handling characteristics, whether using electronic or traditional waxing techniques. They are manufactured using the finest raw materials, enabling technicians to design precise wax patterns.

We've developed our sculpturing wax line to meet the needs of any dental technician. With three levels of firmness - soft, medium and firm - plus multiple colors and even opaque colors, ProLine Sculpturing Waxes are the only modeling wax you'll ever need.

Not sure which wax is right for you? Then just head over to our sample request page and sign up to receive one of our Wax Sample Kits. It includes a variety of our different waxes, including our sculpturing, margin, diagnostic and sticky waxes. It allows you to try out the different types of waxes we offer and find the one, or two, that are right for you.