Stronger Models & Dies


After nearly a year of research and development we believe we developed the best model & die conditioner in the world. We developed our ProLine Model & Die Conditioner (aka die hardener) to achieve excellent results with all gypsum products, including resin supplemented die stones. By formulating the material to completely permeate the surface of the stone, it filters through and fills all the pores of the gypsum.

As it fills the porous areas it fuses the loosely structured gypsum particles together. This factor can increase the strength of your dies and opposing areas up to 150%. Stronger dies means less of a chance of a chipped margin or implant area. It also means it has more abrasion resistance to sharp waxing and carving instruments.

While ProLine Model & Die Conditioner works to increase the strength of the gypsum, it does not change the dimensional accuracy of your dies. It does not leave any layer on the surface of the gypsum, so you can coat the entire die without worrying about fit or marginal accuracy.

Also, we have taken a common sense approach to the packaging, and even the color of the product. We have tinted the resin and thinner a transparent light blue color, so that can be easily identified. We offer ProLine Model & Die Conditioner in a 2 pack of 1 ounce glass brush bottles, an 8 ounce aluminum bottle refill and the thinner comes in a 2 ounce glass bottle. The smaller 1 ounce brush bottles are the perfect size for daily usage, and are small enough to ensure that you can use the bottle before it thickens up from evaporation.