How Does It Work?


We often get asked how the Permanent Metal Filter found on BK-Medent's M Series Auto-Mixing Porcelain Palettes works, so we thought we would take a moment to offer a quick overview of this exciting feature

The Permanent Filter can be found on the EZ-Master M, EZ-Single M and the R-Mixing M Auto-Mixing Palettes. The Permanent Filter is made from a space aged metallic material that is designed and treated specifically for use on the M Series Porcelain Palettes. It is manufactured to offer years of trouble free use and will not cause contamination problems, even with constant exposure to moisture, mixing tools and porcelain brushes.

The Permanent Metal filter is placed on top of the absorption paper, which covers the ceramic base. The surface of the Permanent Filter has micro-pores that regulate the liquid and allow the perfect amount to permeate through and automatically moisten the porcelain powders. Since the surface of the Permanent Filter is extremely smooth it will not cause damage to the bristles of porcelain brushes, allowing you to get more life out of your brush.

The filter is durable, and it can easily be cleaned with a steamer or running water. Just be careful to pay special attention when handling the Permanent Filter, as it is very thin and you want to avoid causing creases int he surface. This is only a problem when it is not on the tray. Best of all since the filter will essentially last forever, it reduces the overall cost of owning one of BK-Medent's high performance porcelain palettes.

If you have further questions about the BK-Medent Auto-Mixing Porcelain Palettes or any of our other products please contact us.