Perfect Pressing


When it comes to pressing all-ceramic restorations the quality of the materials you use to complete the process is not something to cut corners on.

After all the work it takes to get a case, or multiple cases, ready to press the last thing you want is to have a catastrophic failure from using a cheap disposable plunger. The low price can be enticing, but after cracking a few rings because the plunger is too big or having incomplete presses because the plunger is too small, you could quickly be spending more money completing the remakes than you ever would have saved.

Vacalon Disposable Plungers are where price, performance and quality merge. Our strict manufacturing procedures help us produce the highest quality disposable plungers. Producing a product with the proper diameter and length is only the first step. In addition to the basic dimensions there are many other factors, such as the chamfer of the shoulder, the reaction to the hot furnace, compressive strength and packaging. By making sure we meet all of these standards we know that our Disposable Plungers will exceed the performance of other disposable plungers and even a standard alox plunger.

So if you are tired of your plungers arriving chipped and cracked, because they are packaged in substandard packaging (like plastic wrap), then buy a box of our high quality Vacalon Disposable Plungers or request a free sample today.

Be sure to check out our current selection of Disposable Plungers for more information:

2 gram ingot/12 mm diameter
e.max ingot/13 mm diameter
5 gram ingot/16 mm diameter

Or head over to our Sample Request page and test our Disposable Plungers in your lab.