R-Mixing Palette


The R-Mixing Palette is a cost effective multi-purpose porcelain tray, and for a limited time when you buy two you'll get one free.

The R-Mixing Palette is a great choice for all types of porcelain powders, opaques and stains. The heavy duty, dual shell plastic case comes complete with a lid for easy storage and has 16 wells around the outer edge. The working surface of the palette is semicircle shaped and made from a thick glass slab that is highly polished for a smooth working surface.

Since the R-Mixing Palette does not have capillary wetting action it is a great choice for stain, opaque and modifier materials that come ready to use, or require very controlled amounts of special liquids. The R-Mixing Plate is also the perfect selection for ceramists who dry build, or prefer to wet their powders by hand.

Be sure to take advantage of our special, limited time "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" promotion while supplies last. Get your R-Mixing Palette now!