Solution Insta-Peg


We love getting feedback from our customers about the different uses they find for our products, and recently we've been hearing about interesting way to use our Insta-Peg Refractory Material.

It is said that "necessity is the mother of invention" and the problem these customers had was that when staining a veneer, inlay, onlay or even a crown it is very difficult to hold the workpiece. Sure there are all types of different devices that are available to help with this problem, but the tool may be too cumbersome, it might not hold the work properly or it might slip from time to time.

So what is the solution? You use Insta-Peg to fill the "inside" of the workpiece, then allow it to dry. In some cases you can speed up the drying by putting some heat to the Insta-Peg material. Once the Insta-Peg dries you have a "holder" that you can get a better grip on, whether in your hands or with a clamping tool. Plus, when the workpiece is ready to be fired you can simply place it on a honeycomb tray and pop it into the furnace.

This is a great trick for all types of restorations, but works especially well with thin veneers as it will provide excellent support, especially during the firing process.